Eazzy to release new album on iTunes

eazzy baby Eazzy to release new album on iTunes
Eazzy to release new album on iTunes
These days more Ghanaian musicians are now into releasing their albums on iTunes, instead of depending on making sales from only the sale of physical copies of their albums.

According to StarrFMOnline ; ‘Emergency’ star, Eazzy, is set to release her brand new album on iTunes on Dec 1, 2014.

The singer is determined to keep the contents of the album a secret although it is expected that her collaborative efforts on “Emergency” with Stonebwoy and EL on “Sometin Lost” will make it on the list.

The iTunes-album-release is fronted by Africori, a UK based music Distribution Company.

Eazzy is also working hard on two music videos she will release that same day.

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Renowned Canadian Producer “crazy” over R2Bees hit song Life (Walaahi)


Canada based Argentine Music Producer, Maxxmillz

Canada based Argentine Music Producer, Maxxmillz

Canada based Argentine Music Producer, Maxxmillz a.k.a. Millzallah has hailed Ghana‘s unique Hiplife music genre expressing interest in working with more Hiplife Artistes.

He made this revelation in an exclusive interview with Danny Warren and DJ Marvin on the maiden edition of ‘The Freeway Hotspot’ on Accra based radio station X FM .

On his impressions about African music, he stated, “l like that little bit of African touch and beats” that is incorporated in the African Dancehall – like tunes.

Even though he has not explored so much about Hiplife, Millzallah admitted being so fascinated with R2Bees hit song ‘Life (Walaahi)’ which has been nominated for Hiplife Song of the Year in the upcoming Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Born in Argentina and raised in Canada, Maxxmillz was influenced largely by sound and rhythm which led to his first original production at the age of 14. Since then he has produced and engineered for independent record labels from the United Kingdom, Poland, Ghana, Canada, Cuba, Argentina and the United States.

Millz distinguishes his Latin roots as affording him the privilege  of natural rhythm which grew into a unique appreciation for all varieties of quality sound.

Story by: David Apinga /XfmNewscenter






Ghanaian Hiplife artiste, Mildred Ashong popularly known in showbiz as Eazzy has promised to light up Kumasi in her first ever show to be staged in the Garden City after her eviction from the ongoing BBA Stargame.

She disclosed in an interview with Edem Kobby Mathias (Kobby Drill) on Focus fm that she will surprise her fans in Kumasi with sterling performances in the upcoming event dubbed ‘Girls Girls Party’ at the KNUST Poolside.

“One of the songs which I am going to perform in Kumasi which I haven’t done before will definitely be ‘Rock This Party’ which has Kwaw Kesse on it,” She added.

The ‘Go Go Wind’ hitmaker will also have a close encounter with fans and she intimated that “it’s not about the performance and leaving but spending time with them [fans] and I’m sure we are going to chill together”.

Responding to a question about the little Reggae flavour in her hit singles ‘Go Go Wind’ and ‘Rock This Party’, the former first lady of Lynx Entertainment said she believes in versatility and dynamism.

“I like to explore new things and dare myself with different genres. It is basically to show the world that Eazzy is not joking, I am learning and maturing in the music industry”.

The event is scheduled for August 18, 2012 and being organized by CH Productions.


Story by David Apinga, Focus fm, Kumasi




The Ghana Meets Naija Concert which is gradually establishing itself as one of the biggest concerts in West Africa will soon transcend the boundaries of Africa.

After successfully hosting the second edition, Empire Entertainment, the brainchild and organizers of the event have disclosed that preparations are being finalised for series of concerts which will be held this year.

The upcoming editions of Ghana Meets Naija will take place this year in London and New York on August 26 and September 1 respectively.

Chief Executive Officer of Empire Entertainment, Kwabena Anokye Adisi, popularly known as Bola Ray, disclosed this during an interview with Edem Kobby Mathias (Kobby Drill) on Focus fm and also noted that, “we [Empire Entertainment] are going full force, well prepared, they have realized the second edition has been awesome”.

Bola Ray also pointed out that Ghana and Nigeria has a lot in common and the programme is aimed at creating a common platform to unify the two countries through music.

On the issue of the GHS 10,000 paid to Kwaw Kesse for his performance at the just ended edition, the C.E.O. believes it was well deserved and any other Ghanaian artiste worth his/her field should be paid accordingly.

“we should begin to recognize talent; we should begin to appreciate talent and that is what will take them places” he counselled.

Bola Ray also revealed that his outfit will try to explore opportunities in the future that will broaden the horizon for top Francophone Artistes through Anglophone versus Francophone shows.

Story by David Apinga, Focus fm, KNUST, Kumasi


African-Union  As Africa marks A.U. Day, a Political Science lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has advised leaders to strengthen and champion democracy on the continent.
Mr. Mohammed Abass believes democracy is the way forward towards achieving peace and stability on the continent which is part of the core mandates for the establishment of the A.U.
Speaking in an interview with David Apinga on Focus FM, the lecturer articulated that, “a lot has been achieved in liberating the continent from colonial rule and the level of development in the areas of education and health is worth celebrating”.
He however opines that, “the real challenge is how we can institutionalise our democracy which we are struggling to achieve including Ghana; we keep referring to Ghana’s democracy as an infant one. Instead of talking about peace and stability, we should talk about democracy which is the instrument that can actually give us this peace and stability”.
Mr. Abass thinks African leaders should do more to help their countries and questions what they have been able to achieve after the strides of the forefathers who established the organisation.
“that is where if u reflect on, then of course we can’t raise our heads high, the challenges are enormous and efforts do not match up,” he lamented.
He also counselled all and sundry to play active roles in helping African leaders to solve the enormous problems faced by the continent adding that, “in our case so many things has to be done simultaneously; democracy, at the same time economic development, liberating our people from self imposed slavery, poverty etc. Ours is quite involving and the leaders need help from civil society, international community so that together we can make progress”.

By David Apinga, Focus FM, KNUST, Kumasi



The plaintiffs in the case involving the failure of KATANGA

Hall to vote in the just ended SRC elections have agreed to discontinue the legal case against the SRC and its Electoral commission.

In a letter dated May 10, 2012 copied to Focus fm, signed by the Registrar of the Kumasi Circuit Court, it states that the Plaintiffs: Odame Sarpong, Chairman of the KATANGA Hall Judicial Committee; Amofa Kofi Atta, an affiliate of KATANGA Hall; and Ato Assan Jnr, also an affiliate of the KATANGA Hall have decided to discontinue the suit filed against the Defendants: Students Representative Council (SRC); and the Electoral Commission of the SRC.

Responding to issues leading to the withdrawal in an interview with Bernard Buachi on Focus fm, the SRC President, Mr Philemon Laar noted that, “it is time to think about the solidarity of the student front and this is not a victory for the plaintiffs nor the SRC but a victory of common sense which tells us to solidify the student front and be united than ever before.”

The SRC President also advised the new executives to comply with the SRC constitution and always champion the welfare of students.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the KATANGA Hall Judicial Committee, Odame Sarpong, tells Focus News , there will be no further arbitrations but still believes the SRC constitution has been breached by the SRC EC in refusing first year KATANGEES from voting.

According to him, they decided to withdraw the case because of the consequences in delaying the handing over and for the interest of the greater student body advising that, “students of the university are intelligent and should not be taken for granted. When you try to put in your own personal interest and gains ahead of the constitution that you have sworn to defend, then you should know that, there are people there who will not take it and will always take the matter up.”

By David Apinga, Focus FM, KNUST, Kumasi



The theme permeating all presentations at this year’s ‘Save the Frogs Day’ at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is the need for the protection of endangered amphibian species, some of which are only found in Ghana.

The programme took place on April 28, 2012 and was celebrated simultaneously by 36 countries worldwide.

Organised by Save the Frogs International, a non-governmental organisation, the Vice President, Jonathan Toursan, enunciated that the organisation was founded to solve the global environmental problem of amphibian extinction. He says amphibians are important bio-indicators which need to be protected and cautioned against the use of Atrasine which destroys the existence of frogs.

In a speech about endangered frog species in Ghana, Co-founder and Executive Director of Save the Frogs Ghana, Mr. Gilbert Adum, emphasised the need to protect amphibians especially frogs. He added that, “globally 2000 amphibian species are threatened with extinction and it has been estimated that 32% of Ghana’s amphibians may not survive this century”.

The Ecologist noted that 5 endemic species of frogs are recorded to exist only in Ghana and cautioned against the destruction of the Atiwa Forest which has the Togo Slippery Frog , the closest relative to the largest frog in the world. Save the Frogs Ghana is therefore appealing to government to convert the Atiwa Forest into a national park.

“It is called the Togo Slippery Frog and the largest population in the whole world is found at the Atiwa Hills. Now, they are trying to mine the place for bauxite which will lead to the loss of these frogs. We have collected signatures of over 200 people and will have presentations at the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and Forestry Commission. We want them to understand that, it is important to create Atiwa Forest into a national park,” the Frog expert added.

The Chairman for the Board of Directors, Save the Frogs Ghana, Prof. William Oduro also stated that KNUST has started the movement to protect frogs and their habitat. He says the long term goal is to affect positive change in policies that will be beneficial to the environment and humans. He was however quick to add that the main challenge of the organisation has been with the mindset of some Ghanaians in accepting the importance of frogs and conserving their habitat.

In some parts of the Northern Region, frogs are harvested for food and serves as a source of income to the hunters. As parts of efforts to discourage over harvesting of these frogs, Save the Frogs Ghana is embarking on a bee – keeping training programme to provide alternative livelihood for these people.

The Bee – keeping Trainer for the organisation, Ms Jacqueline Kumadoh, disclosed that the programme has already started in the Northern Region and in Atiwa and will soon be expanded to other areas.


By David Apinga, Focus FM, KNUST, Kumasi




The Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG) has expressed anger about the failure of government to pay thesis and bursary grant to members of the association and has thus hinted on a nationwide demonstration if the issue is not resolved.

GRASAG said while it is grateful to the government for the 100 percent increase this year, members wish to register their displeasure about the delay in releasing the money.

The thesis and bursary grant is a fund allocated by government to lessen the financial burden of post – graduate students in the country but the association has questioned if the objective is being achieved, as most students struggle to complete their projects due to the recurring delay in the payment of the grant over the years.

At a press conference held at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi on Thursday April 27, the National President of GRASAG, Dr. Samuel Bert Boadi – Kusi noted that GRASAG has engaged in several dialogue and negotiations which have all proved futile and contrary to the assurance by the Minister of State in charge of scholarships at the Office of the President, Hon.  Kwadjo T. Likpalimor, that the payment will be made by Friday April 20, 2012; the monies have still not been released.

He explained that the academic year of the public universities in Ghana ends by May, 2012 and the late arrival of the money hampers the research work undertaken by the students.

“It has a lot of serious implications for the graduate student. Some go to the extent of having to borrow monies in order to collect data from the field. If we are interested in nation building, we need to invest in the graduate student and the quality of research,” Dr. Boadi – Kusi added.

According to the GRASAG President, they have been left with no choice than to speak the only language which government understands.

“GRASAG hereby serves notice of its intended plan of action emanating from an emergency senate meeting as follows:  2nd May 2012, we will have a final press interaction on the matter; 7th May 2012, a demonstration to be staged in Accra which will be entitled “ YABRε DEMONSTRATION”. Until the thesis and bursary grants are paid, we will not relent in our efforts to use every legitimate means at our disposal to get what is due us”.

By David Apinga, Focus FM, KNUST, Kumasi

kwesi pratt


kwesi prattThe Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr has expressed displeasure about the execution of the ongoing biometric voter’s registration exercise.

The Electoral Commission is compiling a new electoral register to be used during the December 2012 polls and the exercise is slated for March 24 to May 5.

Speaking in an interview with Nana Jantuah on Focus fm, a Kumasi based radio station on Wednesday March 29, the renowned journalist said he finds it worrying that new biometric machines could break down on the first day of the registration exercise. According to him, the registration exercise will take place within forty days so the machines could be repaired in time but the elections will be conducted within twelve hours and doubts how the elections will be successful if the situation recurs.

“These are brand new machines breaking down on the first day; we are going to use the same machines eight months from now when they will be much older; what is going to happen then if we are to use them in the next elections?”

Mr. Pratt also noted that vigilance on the part of political parties is very low as there are no agents at the polling stations to police the registration process, adding that, “it must be worrying because Dr. Afari Gyan has said that the electoral commission is not in a position to guarantee all by itself a free and fair election and that it is only the vigilance of the political parties and the general population which can guarantee that. It is not possible to vouch for the integrity of the over 40,000 people who will be employed for this programme so you should expect a certain level of vigilance from the political parties and I don’t see that,” he lamented.

The senior journalist blamed the electoral commission for ineffective communication of the schedules for the registration exercise, a situation which has made it impossible for him to register.  According to him, information should be provided at all polling stations about the period allocated for the exercise to be conducted at those stations.

He also thinks the commission should have employed people who can type faster as the current officials cannot type fast enough thereby slowing the whole process.


David Apinga, Focus fm, KNUST, Kumasi






The subject matter permeating all presentations at a seminar and job fair organised by the School of Business at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is the need for an effective collaboration between academia and the corporate world.

The fair was held on March 1, 2012 at the campus of the KNUST as part of the 6TH Annual Business Week of the School on the theme: “Bridging the gap between Academia, Industry and Government”.

Addressing participants at the programme, the Managing Director of Barclays Bank Ghana Ltd, Mr. Benjamin Debrah, noted the need for government as major stakeholders to provide a policy framework for the educational sector which will target areas steering the economy.

“Too often policy is geared towards the sectors that the government will like to develop as supposed to sectors driving the economy. For example, recent Gross Domestic Product figures suggest that services sector is of growing importance. Have we revised our education policy to reflect this? ” he questioned.

The banking mogul also emphasised the need for government to encourage industry players to create linkage with academia by providing incentives such as tax reduction.

“If the money I give for research for instance is treated as tax deductible when I declare my results, it will encourage me to do more than I currently do,” Mr. Debrah added.

The Managing Director also acknowledged the inability of research conducted by the universities to meet industry problems. He therefore proposed a system that should be instituted for lecturers to take jobs in industries during sabbatical to keep them abreast of industry problems.

“When lecturers take sabbatical, they go to universities in other countries to teach; what about taking a sabbatical and going into the industry to actually learn the needs of industry so that you can reflect that in your teaching work,” he advised.

Presenting a speech on the role of academia, the Provost of the College of Arts and Social Sciences, Prof. S.K. Afrane, admitted the need for the universities to be dynamic in order to meet changing trends of the modern corporate world.

The professor is therefore calling for the review of academic curricula of business schools in Ghana.

“I propose that, curriculum of business schools should be redesigned to make a large number of students practical entrepreneurs. There should be a shift from head knowledge to more use of hands”.

By David Apinga, Focus FM, KNUST, Kumasi