The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has suspended its strike and lectures have been reported to be normal all over the public universities in the country.Dr Kofi Owusu – Daako is the Dean of Students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). He has applauded UTAG for listening to the appeal of President Mills and assured that the lecturers are very easy people to engage with.


Dr Owusu – Daako made this known in an interview on Focus FM’s ‘Campus Filla’, on Sunday (October 24). He also thanked the president of the Students Representative Council of the KNUST and his executives in the role they played concerning the issue but condemned the actions of TEIN-NDC and TESCON-NPP over press releases which politicized the whole matter.

“Whenevery issue in Ghana tends to be politicized, it creates something that is difficult to handle. The UTAG strike from a layman’s point of view was an economic issue but never a political issue” he said.

He lamented that, “for one side [TEIN] to politicize the issue was most unfortunate and really was a threat to the prolongation of the matter and for TESCON to suddenly become the mouthpiece of UTAG trying to counter what TEIN said was also unfortunate”.

The Dean says the press conference by both parties are against the university rules because, “ there is something in the University Guide which states that no public meeting can be held without giving a transcript to the vice chancellor containing what will be said and participants of a meeting ahead of time”.

He has also promised students of some adjustments to help them settle before examination takes off to prevent any undue suffering.

On the issue relating to the suspension of political meetings,he said, “it is not the intention of the university to ban any political party but rather the political groups are supposed to work within the laws of the university”.

-David Apinga/Focus FM, KNUST/Kumasi

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